How To Order Custom Pins

Die Struck Pins: Highly Polished Metal that Comes in Gold, Silver and Bronze Finishes
Insert Pins: Feature Your Logo on a Gold Finished Metal Pin Backing with Just a 1-2 Day Turnaround
Photo Dome Pins: Available in Popular Shapes, Showcase Your Logo Covered with an Epoxy Dome for Protection
Photo Etched Pins: Soft Enamel and Great for Fine Detailed Artwork
Printed Pins Best Seller at Crown, Unlimited Color Selection and Made into Any Shape
Ribbon Pins: Soft Enamel Pins, Great for Awareness Organizations and Events
Rubber Pins: Replicate Your Design in 2 Colors, Available Attachments include a Key Ring, Jump Ring, Butterfly Clutch or Self-Adhesive Tape
Semi Cloisonne Pins: Molded to Your Design, the Pin is Hand Finished, Polished and Plated
Soft Enamel Pins: Custom Your Own Shape From 3/4” to 2” up to Four FREE Colors
Specialty Pins: Unique Designs and Shapes that Come with FREE Artwork & Setup
State Shaped Pins: Create a Pin With Your States Shape
Trading Pins: Guaranteed Lowest Prices and Perfect for Team

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