Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Go About Starting The Custom Lapel Pin Design And Ordering Process?

The design and ordering process is relatively simple and it starts with you providing us, via email, your custom lapel pin ideas, reference images, etc. We then take your information that you provided and create a digital mock up (which we call a proof) that we email to you for your review. Along with this proof we will include a price quote. Please note that to create a price quote we require the quantity to be ordered and desired size.

What Is The Minimum Enamel Pin Order?

100 can you get less, Yes.  But for about $30-40 more, you could get 100 instead of 50.

What File Formats Are Accepted For Images?

We prefer images to be in .EPS or .AI formats, if possible. Otherwise, we accept .JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .PPT, .DOC, .PDF, .BMP, .TIFF and .PSD. We are not able to work with .CDR or .PUB file types.

What Are Your Custom Lapel Pins Made From?

Our lapel pins are made from brass metal. If you custom lapel pin is an odd shape zinc alloy is then used.

How Long Does It Take Before I Receive My Custom Lapel Pins?

If your custom lapel pins are shipping to the United States, your typical turn around time is 7-10 business days for manufacturing and 2 business days for shipment transit. All other destinations’ delivery times differ.

When Is Payment Due For My Order?

We require payment, in full, before we start an order.

What Is A Lapel Pin?

What is a lapel pin? A lapel pin is a small pin worn on clothing, often worn on the lapel of a jacket.

What Metal Plating Options Do You Offer For Your Lapel Pins?

We offer gold, silver and copper platings standard with our lapel pins. For an extra charge, we can antique those standard finishes to give an aged look to your lapel pins. Antique finishes also help greatly when your design is mostly metal (die struck) as the darker recessed areas provide a greater contrast for text and fine lines.

How Will My Pins Be Packaged?

All pins are individually poly bagged. Alternative packaging is also available.

Why Are There So Many Different Styles Of Pins, And How Do I Know Which Is Best For Me?

Each of the different styles of lapel pins we manufacture offer a unique appearance according to your needs and preference. The primary difference between how to make a pin is each style is purely aesthetic. Deciding on a particular style is all up to your preference for what your final pins will look like, including the metal plating color, polished or antique finish and other customized options.

Is Shipping Free?

Yes. Our standard shipping includes insurance and tracking at no extra cost. Your Custom Enamel Pins will be delivered using reputable firms like FedEx and UPS.

What If I Still Don’t Know Which Customized Lapel Pin Is Best?

We can help! You can call us or email us to discuss your ideas, designs or sketches for your pin. Once we review your artwork, we will happily suggest the styles that would suit your design best.

Where Are The Custom Enamal Pins Made?

Custom enamel pins are made in China, as pretty much all custom enamel pins are.  Most places that say they are made in the US are making them in China and marking the price up 3-4 x.

I Don’t See What I’m Looking For. Is Everything You Make On This Web Site?

No. We only have the most popular items displayed and discussed here. We can do much more. Please contact us.

Are Reprints Of Enamel Pins Any Cheaper?

If you have made a pin through us and you need to get more made, you will save the on the mold fee ($30-$50)

Why Must There Be Borders Around The Colors And Text On Hard Enamel And Soft Enamel Pins?

Borders around the colors and text are very important. They separate each color.  Without the borders the paint would run together.  The borders create a recessed area or reservoir to hold the paint (enamel).  If there were no borders, the paint would not retain its shape. To eliminate borders there are two options: either a off-set printed style custom lapel pin or a hard enamel pin with silk screened colors.

Any other questions you may have about  custom enamel pins please feel free to contact us at sales@elitelapelpins.com ,elitelapelpins@gmail.com or (803) 354-8954

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