Custom enamel pins

custom lapel pins

Have you thought about creating custom enamel pins? You could do it yourself, assuming you have the skills to draw the art for the pins. Or you can commission someone else to create a pin for you. We have drawing skills in abundance on the Adobe team, but we wanted to learn in-depth about out how an expert pin maker goes about it. What’s the actual process for creating custom enamel pins? How much does it cost? What do they look like when it’s all done?

We sought out a pin maker whose work we admired on Instagram, Elite Lapel Pins. They have there own Etsy store and makes lovely fan art inspired pins, but what really stood out to us is that she creates their art for pins entirely on Their computer. That to us was pretty impressive, which you can read about in our comprehensive post, How to Make Enamel Lapel Pins Step by Step. But we wanted to know more about there process of creating pins for her clients. For this post, we’re reporting back on the details of there conceptual design process — and most importantly, how the pins came out.

The final results
We were very happy with how these pins turned out. If you’ve ever spent time checking out enamel pins on Etsy or Instagram, you know that the quality can be hit or miss. The original art has to be carefully designed so that it will work as a pin. Simone did it all with a great expertise that took into account our logos, but she also added her own particular style.

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